How drone delivery works: AGV + UAV

Beyond Vision's Pioneering Delivery Service with 5G Technology

Altice Labs, Beyond Vision, and Youship Usher in a New Era of Autonomous Delivery

A Step into the Future of Precision Delivery

In a remarkable showcase of pioneering technology and collaboration, Beyond Vision, alongside esteemed partners Altice Labs and Youship, unveiled an extraordinary demonstration during the celebrations of Altice Labs’ 7th anniversary. Therefore, the event marked the debut of a cutting-edge precision delivery service, ingeniously integrating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), all seamlessly orchestrated by the power of 5G connectivity.

The Unveiling: A Symphony of Innovation

Amidst the backdrop of a setting sun, a modest gathering witnessed a sight that defied convention. Beyond Vision’s HEIFU Pro, a remarkable feat of modern engineering, hovered gracefully, adorned with its native 5G connectivity. So, the anticipation was palpable as the demonstration promised a novel, albeit uncharted, approach to delivery services.

Embracing the Challenge: Bridging the Sky and the Ground

The precision delivery service’s unique concept was simple yet daring: the UAV, our HEIFU Pro, was to embark on the longest part of the route, transporting the package from a collection point to a designated transfer point. There, the AGV prototype from Youship would take the baton and undertake the final leg of the mission, ensuring the safe delivery of the package to its intended recipient.

5G: The Backbone of Seamless Connectivity

Central to the success of this ambitious endeavor was the omnipresent 5G connectivity. As a true enabler, 5G facilitated real-time communication, mission transmission, and command execution between the UAV and AGV. Additionally, telemetry collection and live video streams from both vehicles were transmitted in a reliable, high-performance manner with minimal latency.

A Choreography of Precision and Coordination

The demonstration showcased a captivating dance of technological precision. Thanks to the robust 5G network support from MEO’s commercial network for the UAV and Altice Lab’s Private 5G Network solution for the AGV, the vehicles converged autonomously and automatically. Their control systems communicated harmoniously, dynamically determining the perfect meeting point for a seamless transfer of the package.

The AGV Takes the Baton: Navigating Real-world Challenges

With the package now entrusted to the AGV’s care, the ground-based vehicle ventured forth, navigating through diverse environments. From busy streets to even entering the interiors of buildings, the AGV demonstrated versatility and adaptability, proving its capabilities in delivering packages with utmost efficiency.

A Collaborative Vision for the Future

The demonstration marked only the beginning of a promising journey. Beyond Vision, Altice Labs, and Youship have joined hands to explore the endless possibilities that lie ahead. With the intent to enrich this use case further, additional functionalities will be embedded, performance enhanced, and the revolutionary 5G technology will be harnessed to its fullest potential.

Pioneering a New Tomorrow

As the event came to a close, Beyond Vision emerged steadfast in its commitment to always innovate. The delivery service demonstration, supported by revolutionary 5G technology, unveiled a future where UAVs and AGVs work together in perfect harmony. This collaborative effort will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the delivery services landscape, setting the stage for an exciting tomorrow that Beyond Vision is proud to be at the forefront of.


Beyond Vision, in partnership with Altice Labs and Youship, presented a groundbreaking demonstration during Altice Labs’ 7th anniversary, showcasing a revolutionary delivery service powered by 5G technology. Integrating UAVs and AGVs in perfect harmony, this cutting-edge system promises efficient and seamless autonomous delivery. The event marked the beginning of an inspiring journey towards enriching the use case further, harnessing the potential of 5G technology, and leaving a lasting impact on the delivery services landscape. Beyond Vision’s commitment to innovation and collaboration ensures a bright and exciting future for autonomous delivery.

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What are the benefits of drone delivery services?
Drone delivery offers several advantages, including faster delivery times, reduced delivery costs, and increased accessibility to remote or challenging locations. It also contributes to reduced carbon emissions, making it an eco-friendly option for delivery services.
Can drones deliver packages of all sizes and weights?
The capacity of a drone to carry packages depends on its design and payload capabilities. While some drones are suitable for smaller packages, others can handle larger and heavier items. Drone delivery companies usually specify the maximum weight and dimensions that their drones can carry.
What role did 5G play in the successful execution of advanced autonomous delivery?
5G connectivity is the backbone of seamless communication and coordination between the UAV and AGV. It facilitates real-time mission transmission, command execution, telemetry collection, and live video streams from both vehicles, enabling precise coordination and dynamic determination of the meeting point for a seamless package transfer.
How does the autonomous delivery service innovation concept bridge the gap between the sky and the ground?
The advanced UAV, HEIFU Pro, takes on the longest part of the route, transporting the package from a collection point to a designated transfer point. There, the AGV prototype completes the final leg of the mission, ensuring the safe delivery of the package to its intended recipient.

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