Distributed Artificial Intelligent System

Aims to create heterogeneous distributed peripheral computing systems and solutions centered on intelligence. The DAIS approach is to develop intelligent, secure and reliable systems. This is aimed at industrial applications to provide comprehensive, cost- and energy-efficient solutions for intelligent, secure and reliable end-to-end connectivity and interoperability. The process will bring together the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.
It aims to minimize the problems and face the economic challenges that agriculture faces, in terms of productivity and cost effectiveness.
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About the Project

The main objective of the DAIS project is to research, promote, and deliver distributed artificial intelligence (AI) systems and their respective architectures. By doing so, the project aims to solve the problems associated with running existing algorithms on decentralized edge devices. In other words, the project seeks to address the challenges of implementing AI systems in highly decentralized environments. This is a significant step forward in the development of more robust and efficient AI solutions.

The DAIS project is organized around eight different supply chains. Specifically, five of these supply chains focus on delivering the necessary hardware and software to run industrial-grade AI on different types of networking topologies. In contrast, the other three supply chains will demonstrate how this pan-European effort can address known AI challenges from various functional areas. These supply chains are designed to tackle the complex issues related to the implementation of AI systems in highly decentralized environments.

Edge-Enabled Safety in Industrial Applications

Providing intelligent processing of data and communication locally at the edge to enable real-time and safety-critical industrial applications.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Developing industrial-grade secure, safe, and reliable solutions that can cope with cyberattacks and difficult network conditions.

Efficient Cloud-Edge AI Distribution in Europe

Distribute complex AI operations between the cloud and edge to reduce data transmission bandwidth to the cloud through early intelligent data processing. Develop the necessary European hardware and software infrastructure to support this approach.

Tailoring Edge AI to Diverse Computing Power

Offering AI techniques on edge devices with varying computing capacities presents a challenge in aligning algorithms with specific edge platforms due to their diverse computing power requirements.

Integrated Supply Chain Methodology

Methodological approach with the Integral Supply Chain, from academic, to system designers and integrators, to component providers, applications and services developers & providers and end users.

IoT Solutions for Energy-Efficient, Hostile Environments

Developing solutions for IoT, i.e. mostly wireless devices with energy- and processing- constraints, in heterogeneous and also hostile/harsh environments.

Data Collaboration for Temporal-Spatial Diversity

Providing data sharing and collaborating solutions on the edge to handle the temporal-spatial diversity of edge data.

Cross-Industry Reusable Solutions

Providing re-usable solutions across industrial domains.


a Hub for Secure Industrial AI

By leveraging a robust sector with a solid reputation and an informed society, DAIS will establish the EU as a center for intelligent, secure, and trustworthy systems for industrial applications. This will ensure AI-based products and services comply with European values and are proudly “Made in Europe.”

Edge Intelligence (EI) has emerged as a promising solution to develop intelligent, secure, and energy-efficient systems for industrial applications. The DAIS project is a leading approach that integrates cutting-edge technologies to provide comprehensive solutions for decentralized environments.

By bringing together the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, DAIS ensures secure and trustworthy connectivity and interoperability. This drives the advancement of technology and contributing to the growth of the economy.

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