The project’s main objective is the development of security procedures in automated systems.
It aims to minimize the problems and face the economic challenges that agriculture faces, in terms of productivity and cost effectiveness.
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About the Project

The SECREDAS project (Product Safety For Cross Domain Reliable Dependable Automated Systems) – is one of the first projects funded by the European Union program – ECSEL Joint Undertaking – and aims to analyze the security, protection and privacy of data in the Road and Railway sector and in the Health area.

The project consortium will build a reference architecture for secure automated systems, in accordance with the new GDPR regulation (General Data Protection Regulation).

The project started in May 2018 and will continue until April 2021. The exploration of different scenarios of real situations allows to test, in an efficient way, autonomous vehicles and different sensors.

Scenario Simulator

Create a scenario simulator , capable of recreating multiple real situations using drones. For example, simulating a possible collision between a vehicle and a person: drone A being a person and drone B being a vehicle.

Communication Attacks

Identify the various types of communication for drones and the respective communication attacks.

Collision Avoidance

Generate collision avoidance algorithms.


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