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We believe the keys to flexible unmanned aircraft systems are advanced mechanics, AI collision avoidance, and optimized inference hardware. Join the future!

Mechanics & Hardware

Our aim is to change the aviation business by constructing the most modern aircraft. We focus on efficiency and performance with a realistic and inventive viewpoint. We do PCB design, timing, and power assessments during the production process to guarantee that our aircraft match the highest requirements. In addition, we work with our team to build rigorous simulation code, allowing us to improve the aircraft’s functionality and performance. Join us in this fascinating venture and help influence aviation’s future.

Autonomy Algorithms

Create the essential algorithms that will allow the aircraft to do the most difficult autonomous missions and to create very accurate global routes. Build a strong planning and decision-making system that works in challenging real-world scenarios with uncertainty by utilizing cutting-edge algorithms. Join us as we construct vision pipelines for total environmental awareness and transmit all data to the beXStream cloud platform. Utilize simulation techniques to check the aircraft’s capabilities before deployment and work with specialists to improve designs for optimal performance.

Code Foundations

We primarily employ throughput, latency, accuracy, and determinism measurements to improve our code across all aircraft. Join us as we create the SoC and Autopilot software from scratch and extensively combine it with our unique hardware. Implement trustworthy, individualized Linux kernels. To collect high-frequency, high-volume data from our sensors and to distribute it to several consumer processes.

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Join us for exciting projects, innovative technology, and a work environment that’s anything but dull. Team happy hours, social gatherings, and unique bonding experiences.

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