Infrastructure Monitoring: Precise and Timely Data

Industrial drones for infrastructure involvement in the construction industry are increasing as imaging technology advances. Drones are employed at construction sites to contribute to pre-construction planning, monitoring, progress reporting, inventory management, and quality checks. Our solutions are designed to obtain accurate, timely, and trustworthy data.
Industrial drones for infrastructure

Data Collection

More profitable planning and bidding processes – in real time – through the precision of data collection by the HEIFU drone.
Industrial drones for infrastructure by Beyond Vision

Production of Aerial Maps

Minimize errors in Project Management, through the complete identification of the site, the production of aerial maps and reliable measurements.
Industrial drones for infrastructure

Project Management

Monitoring of all stages and evolution of projects with industrial drones for infrastructure.

Time vs.

Areal monitoring – in real time – of the developments of a construction increases the efficiency of decision-making by those responsible for the construction with industrial drones crafted for infrastructure surveillance.

The Role Of Drone Technology In Infrastructure

Adaptive Drone

Remote area monitoring with live streaming is possible through one of the multiple types of communication available.

Mission Review

Simplified toggle between autonomous and manual flight modes with just one click.

Simplicity in Every Detail

Enable efficient monitoring of actions, particularly in the event of unusual occurrences.

Minimise the Risk

The use of industrial drones in the supervision of infrastructure can reduce work accidents by up to 91%. The inspection of infrastructures, whether in the construction or maintenance phase, allows to increase the safety of the site and work operations (identifying intrusions by intruders and preventing accidents at work).

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Fixed Base Station
Adaptable, intelligent and versatile

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