Contrôle de l'Eau dans les Vignobles grâce à l'Imagerie Avancée

Modernizing Vineyard sustainability with artificial intelligence and early detection

Amidst sprawling vineyards, an often-overlooked challenge arises gaps between vibrant rows of vines. These gaps, void of vegetation, receive the same amount of water as thriving vines, causing significant financial and environmental losses. The groundbreaking research, “Beyond Vision: Pioneering Sustainable Vineyards through UAV and AI Technology,” presents an innovative solution, leveraging innovative technology to address this pressing issue.

Vineyard gaps, even minor ones, lead to excessive watering and the wastage of water resources. This dual challenge affects economic viability and strains ecological sustainability. The research highlights transformative early detection through UAV and AI collaboration, optimizing water usage, and embracing environmentally responsible practices.

Vineyard Sustainability
Manual identification of plantation gaps

In the realm of vineyard sustainability, the marriage of UAV and AI technology becomes the cornerstone of ecological equilibrium.

Exploring Innovative Imaging and AI Techniques

At the core of this research lies the vision of early detection as a sustainable strategy to combat water waste in vineyards. By identifying and addressing these gaps in their initial stages, vineyard managers can optimize water usage, minimize financial losses, and uphold environmentally responsible practices.
The research delves into UAV-captured multi-spectral images and advanced AI algorithms, revolutionizing vineyard management. Harnessing powerful imaging technology and sophisticated AI, this approach offers comprehensive insights, accurately identifying gaps unseen by conventional methods.

Path of Progress Empowered Through Insight

Encompassing regional and regression-based networks, the study identifies UAV technology’s synergy with AI as a primary strategy for gap detection and post-processing with software. Among the explored models, the study highlights Beyond Vision’s proprietary technology’s transformative potential. Emerging as a UAV-based gap detection contender, the Tiny-YOLO (You Only Look Once) version 4-type network demonstrates prowess in accurately identifying aerial gaps.

Five Key Impacts of UAV and AI Technology in Vineyards

The study described here may be expanded by generalizing these networks to identify more gaps. The system can also be programmed to recognize portions of the crops where the vegetation is drier and use that knowledge to manage the irrigation system to avoid watering gaps and spots where the plants and soil still have adequate levels of humidity.


Improving Vineyard Sustainability through UAV and AI Technology marks a milestone in vineyard management. By merging UAV imaging and AI, Beyond Vision propels vineyards towards sustainable practices. The vision of efficient, thriving vineyards through innovation reflects technology and nature’s harmonious coexistence. The best multi-spectral indexes, image formats, and networks can be identified and incorporated into a drone as solutions, or new studies focusing on various types of agricultural issues can proceed from here.

Questions liées

How does early detection through UAV and AI technology impact vineyard water management?
Early detection through UAV and AI technology revolutionizes vineyard water management. Identifying gaps at an early stage allows vineyard managers to adjust watering strategies, prevent water wastage, and align irrigation practices with actual vegetation needs, ultimately promoting water conservation and sustainable practices.
What are the implications of using UAV and AI technology for vineyard sustainability?
The implications of using UAV and AI technology for vineyard sustainability are far-reaching. This innovation leads to optimized water usage, reduced financial losses, and more eco-conscious practices. By marrying technology and ecological equilibrium, vineyards can transition towards a greener and more sustainable future.
What is the significance of addressing gaps in vineyards?
Addressing gaps in vineyards is crucial to preventing unnecessary water waste and financial losses. These gaps receive the same amount of water as thriving vines, leading to environmental strain. Early detection through advanced imaging and AI technology can optimize water usage and promote sustainable practices.

Shazia Sulemane

PhD Student at Lusófona University

Dr. João P. Matos-Carvalho

Lusófona University, COPELABS

Dr. Dário Pedro

CEO & Software Team Leader @ BV

Prof. Filipe Moutinho

NOVA University of Lisbon

Dr. Sérgio Duarte Correia

Portalegre Polytechnic University

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