Contract to supply fleet of UAVs to Portuguese Navy

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Portuguese Navy Partners with Beyond Vision: Prestigious Contract to Secure a Fleet of 12 AI-Powered UAVs.

Beyond Vision proudly secured the prestigious contract for the international public tender that the Portuguese Navy launched in November 2022. The contract encompasses acquiring a remarkable fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) valued at €600,375.

Our impressive fleet comprises 6 HEIFU multirotor and 6 VTOne VTOL aircrafts. Beyond Vision specifically designed these cutting-edge UAVs to meet the unique requirements of the Portuguese Navy while aligning with NATO’s guidelines. Furthermore, the fleet features advanced technology, including licenses for the innovative beXStream remote drone piloting and asset management platform. This platform enables real-time, cloud-based control of the fleet, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency.

Moreover, to further enhance the capabilities of the fleet, the package includes 20 advanced payloads. These include state-of-the-art 4K cameras, LiDARs, multispectral cameras, zoom lenses, and thermal cameras. With these payloads, the Portuguese Navy will be able to capture critical data and conduct precision missions across a wide range of defense scenarios.
Additionally, Beyond Vision is committed to providing comprehensive support to the Portuguese Navy. Therefore, the package covers extensive training, comprehensive maintenance, and dedicated technical support. This ensures that the Portuguese Navy can fully utilize the potential of the UAV fleet and maximize its operational effectiveness.
With a commitment to excellence, Beyond Vision is ready to deliver on this prestigious contract within a swift four-month period, ensuring the timely deployment of these ultramodern UAVs for the Portuguese Navy’s vital operations. This will ensure the timely deployment of these ultramodern UAVs for the Portuguese Navy’s vital operations.


To sum up, this landmark agreement firmly establishes Beyond Vision as a premier manufacturer of innovative UAVs. Beyond Vision has designed its advanced UAVs as innovative dual-use technology, renowned for their unrivaled performance and versatility ideally suited for both industrial and defense applications.

Contact us and experience the pinnacle of technological innovation and operational effectiveness with Beyond Vision’s exceptional UAV solutions, tailor-made to meet the unique needs of the military and defense sectors.

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What are the primary objectives of Portuguese aerial surveillance initiatives?
The main objectives of Portuguese aerial surveillance initiatives include border control, maritime security, disaster response, environmental monitoring, and law enforcement support.
What are some recent advancements in Portuguese aerial surveillance technology?
Recent advancements in Portuguese aerial surveillance technology include the integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence), improved imaging sensors, enhanced communication systems, and the development of specialized UAVs for specific surveillance tasks.
What are the latest developments in aerial surveillance for the Portuguese Navy?
The Portuguese Navy recently partnered with Beyond Vision to secure a fleet of AI-powered UAVs, enhancing their aerial surveillance capabilities for maritime operations.
What technology is being used in the UAVs provided to the Portuguese Navy for aerial surveillance?
The UAVs supplied by Beyond Vision to the Portuguese Navy for aerial surveillance purposes include advanced features like real-time cloud-based control through the beXStream platform and a range of advanced payloads such as 4K cameras, LiDARs, multispectral cameras, and more.




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