Livraison de drones en milieu urbain et rural

Beyond Vision et Dronegy unissent leurs forces pour révolutionner l'approvisionnement rural

In the picturesque town of Wusterhausen/Dosse, nestled in the heart of Brandenburg, Beyond Vision is proud to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that redefines access to essential goods. By teaming up with, Dronegy, spearheading the inspiring “Urban-Rural Drone Delivery” project, a community-driven effort to enhance rural local supply.

Creating Seamless Aerial Transport Networks: Pioneering Efficient Urban-Rural Drone Delivery

Community involvement and collaboration

Supported by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, this demonstration project, focused on bridging the gap between city markets and districts. Mainly, aimed at ensuring that both young and old residents can access life’s necessities quickly. This strategic initiative, most importantly guarantees swift access to essential goods for residents of all ages. Therefore, the Urban-rural Drone Delivery project is focused on establishing a seamless transport network facilitated by drones, intending to promote connectivity.

This project stands out due to its engaging participatory approach, actively involving the entire community. We collaborated closely with the municipal administration of Wusterhausen/Dosse to strategically plan flight routes and landing sites. So this ensured operational efficiency and inclusivity. On the significant date of June 8th, both familiar faces and new acquaintances gathered, eagerly discussing the ongoing progress. They explored the potential of our advanced agricultural drone technology, to substantially amplify the region’s well-being and prosperity.

Beyond Vision's Pivotal Role

At Beyond Vision, we take pride in proudly showcasing our cutting-edge agricultural drone technology. Our technology played a pivotal role in various aspects, including generating the operating concept, analyzing risks, and managing technical complexities. These contributions significantly fueled the success of urban-rural drone delivery. Additionally, we feel deeply honored to have been entrusted with the operational execution of the transport flights themselves, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery process.

A Vision of Community Upliftment

This is more than just a project; it’s a vision of a community united by the desire to uplift every citizen’s quality of life. By embracing technology and innovation, we are making sure that nobody in Wusterhausen/Dosse is left behind when it comes to accessing essential goods. Therefore, it is truly a positive example of what can be achieved when technology and community spirit come together.

Revolutionizing Rural Communities' Access to Resources

Beyond Vision’s cutting-edge agricultural drone technology, in collaboration with DronegyNotre impressionnante flotte comprend 6

Our agricultural drones symbolize more than just the delivery of goods; they represent a commitment to inclusivity and a brighter future for the community. As the world looks on, this inspiring story serves as a testament to the power of human ingenuity combined with the spirit of cooperation. Together, we can overcome any challenge and uplift communities, making positive and lasting changes that truly leaves no one behind.


Beyond Vision et Dronegy partnered to launch the groundbreaking “Urban-Rural Drone Delivery” project in Wusterhausen/Dosse, revolutionizing rural supply and uplifting the community. The project’s participatory approach involves collaboration with the community, with Beyond Vision’s cutting-edge drone technology playing a pivotal role. Above all, the vision of upliftment and inclusivity drives this endeavor, inspiring similar projects globally and transforming rural communities’ access to vital resources. In conclusion, drones symbolize a brighter future, driven by human ingenuity and cooperation, leaving no one behind in their pursuit of a better life.

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Questions liées

What is the Urban-Rural Drone Delivery Network, and how does it transform access to essential goods in remote areas?

The Urban-Rural Drone Delivery Network is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing access to essential goods in remote communities. By leveraging advanced drone technology, the network creates seamless aerial transport routes, bridging the gap between urban centers and rural areas.

How does the Urban-Rural Drone Delivery Network uplift communities and enhance access to resources?

The network uplifts communities by providing quick and reliable access to vital resources. It also empowers remote areas with efficient drone delivery services. Furthermore, it ensures that essential goods are accessible to all residents.

How does the Urban-Rural Drone Delivery Network optimize delivery efficiency while ensuring safety?

The network optimizes delivery efficiency through precise flight planning and real-time monitoring. Hence, utilizing advanced drone technology and communication systems, it ensures that deliveries are conducted safely and securely, even in challenging terrain.

What is the driving force behind the success of the Urban-Rural Drone Delivery Network?

The success of the network lies in the seamless integration of drone technology and community collaboration. By bringing together innovation, community engagement, and advanced logistical planning, the network redefines access to goods in remote regions.

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